ER Data Modeling Training Online

The style of designing databases for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications


    ER Data Modeling Training Online

    DbVidya Offers  ER Data Modeling Training Online for working professionals.

    To become a Data Modeler / Data Architect one of the skill is  Data Modeling.
    In Data Modeling there are two design concepts :
    1) Entity Relationship (ER) Data Modeling
    2) Dimensional Data Modeling

    As per , salaries for Data modeler jobs is as shown:


    ER Data Modeling Training OnlineWho can become a Data Modeler:

    • DBA
    • Developers
    • Business Analyst
    • ETL Professionals

    ER Modeling design concept is used for OLTP Applications. (OLTP – OnLine Transaction Processing)
    An Entity Relationship(ER) Model – ER-Diagram is a pictorial representation of data that describes how data is communicated and related to each other.
    It only represents a business data schema in graphical form. Drawn in a graphical form as entities that are connected by relationships  which express the associations and dependencies between entities.

    ER Modeling Training Online – What you learn

    • how to identify entities, relationships , Normalization and also how to create Conceptual Data Model,
      Logical data model ,Physical Data Model etc with various business case studies and lot of Examples.
    • How to draw the ER Data Model in the Erwin Tool.
    • And many more
    About Course..
    • Applications, aid organizations, in carrying out their business activities, need a robust database to store their valuable information
    • Data Modeling is the process of designing database and associated objects that cater to the needs of the application
    • Application and database should work in tandem to support high volume transactions and be scalable for future needs
    • Expected response times would be in the order of milli seconds
    • The key for designing OLTP databases, is known as Entity Relationship (E-R) Modeling
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    What is Data Modelling ?

    Data Modeling for a Career
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    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction
    ER Data Modeling Introduction 00:00:00
    Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram 00:00:00
    ER Data Modeling Tools – ERwin Tool 00:00:00
    Normalization 1NF, 2NF,3NF 00:00:00
    Types of Relationships in Data model 00:00:00
    Types of Entities in data modelling 00:00:00
    Download Course Contents
    ERModeling DownloadFREE 00:00:00

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