Oracle DBA Performance Tuning

dbVidya Offers Oracle DBA Performance Tuning Training  in TWO modes:

About  Oracle DBA Performance Tuning Training  Course…

  • Performance Tuning is an activity carried out at application and database instance
  • Application Tuning is all about
    • fine tuning the SQL/PL SQL Code with the help of Explain Plans
  • Oracle DBA Database  Performance Tuning involves
    • understanding of ADDR,
    • AWR leading to optimize the memory/database objects
    • Sizing init.ora parameters
    • Storage parameter related configuration issues
    • Sorting related parameter issues etc
    • oracle dba  Performance Tuning  Examples
    • Various Index Types
      • B*Tree Index
      • Bitmap Index
      • Reverse key index
      • Function based Index
    • Index , Table Statistics and its importance in Tuning
    • Pro-Active Tuning
    • Re-Active Tuning

Oracle dba performance tuning  Training video Tutorial

Course Eligibility..  /Pre-Requisite for Oracle DBA Performance Tuning

  • Experience as a  Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) and
  • Database Administrator’s , who are keen to master the art of Database Tuning.

Career Path

Database Tuning opens new avenues for Oracle  Database Administrators (DBA)  as “Tuning Expert”

What we cover in Oracle DBA Performance Tuning

  • Various oracle dba performance tuning issues
  • oracle dba performance tuning real time scenarios
  • Interpretation of  Explain Plan
  • Oracle Hints (30+ hints)
  • Tuning Data Loads
    • SQL * Loader
    • dbPump
  • Various Wait Events
    • free buffer waits
    • DB File Scattered Read
    • DB File Sequential Read
    • Buffer Busy Waits
    • DB File Parallel Write
    • Direct Path Read
    • Direct Path Write and many more …
  • Tuning w.r.t  Partitions
    • Types of Partitions in oracle
    • Partition Exchange Loading (PEL)
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor -ADDM
  •  Automatic workload Repository Report-AWR analysis.
  • Active Session Report -ASH
  • Oracle  Enterprise Manager -OEM
  • And Many more Topics ….

This  covers  “oracle database 11g performance tuning dba release 2 training”

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oracle dba performance tuning

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oracle dba performance tuning

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