Oracle Performance Tuning Online Training

Our Oracle  Performance Tuning Training Online concentrates on

  • Manual tuning
  •        Tool based oracle tuning.

Manual tuning approach , you will have strong foundation to work with different  oracle versions for tuning assignments.
You can tune any query which is being called from reports/ETL/web form/any software which uses oracle database.
Tool based oracle tuning approach , makes you to tune as fast as possible for fire fighting assignments. (Oracle enterprise manager tool is discussed)

Also you will have sufficient knowledge to discuss with DBA for tuning oracle queries.
This training makes you ready for
* SQL Performance Tuning  Interviews and
* Handle SQL Performance assignments for Oracle developers/ETL/Oracle reports/DBA professionals.

About Course..
  • Oracle SQL Tuning is the process of identifying bottlenecks and improving the performance of the SQL’s
  • Course will help one understand Explain Plan and fine tune the query.
  • Included in the course are modules covering Oracle Architecture, Role of Enterprise Manager, significance of Indexes
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Course Eligibility..
Experience in SQL, PL/SQL development.
Recommended For
Developer’s keen to master the art of Tuning.
Career Path
Experience in tuning makes you a better developer

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I know I do not know
✓ how to write a oracle sql query what to do if it takes unacceptable query run time to the end user!!
✓ how to generate explain plan ✖ how to interpret explain plan for tuning purpose
✓ the order of steps in explain plan ✖ which step to concentrate for making query to run faster
✓ how to create indexes ✖ which type of index to create for a specific type of query
✓ creating new index improves query performance ✖ what else to do if DBA disapproves index creation request
✓ How to write a oracle pl/sql procedure , function , package ✖ if it runs slow , which sql(s) are consuming more time
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SQL Tuning Online Training
SQL Tuning Online Training Testomonial
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    Course Curriculum

    SQL Tuning - Advanced Track
    Introduction to Performance Tuning in Oracle 00:00:00
    Finding high load or Top SQL statements 00:00:00
    Types of Indexes 00:00:00
    Understanding Table and Index Statistics 00:00:00
    Tuning SQLs for Reusability 00:00:00
    Using Parallel Query to improve performance 00:00:00
    Download Course Contents
    SQL Tuning Quiz FREE 00:01:00

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