Oracle AWR Tutorial

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Oracle AWR Training


Understanding Oracle AWR Report helps DBAs and Developers  for Oracle Performance Tuning of Oracle Database and oracle sql plsql  procedures.

Oracle AWR Tutorial

What is AWR   and AWR Report?

Oracle AWR means Automatic Workload Repository.
The Automatic Workload Repository(AWR) gives information about various statistics for

  • “Problem Detection”
  • “Self Tuning ” Purpose.

Oracle AWR Statistics Types

  • Object Statistics
  • Time Model statistics
  • System Statistics
  • Session Statistics
  • High Resource consuming SQLs based on elapsed time and CPU time etc
  • ASH Statistics (Recent Session History Statistics)
  • Many more

Oracle  AWR Tutorial

Covers  “sql performance tuning with oracle AWR and ASH”


  • Learn to interpret the Oracle Automatic Work load Repository (AWR) report
  • AWR helps one to identify problems and tune the system
  • Database Tuning involves understanding of ADDR, AWR leading to optimize the memory/database objects

Course Eligibility and Career Path

  • Experience as a Database Administrator or in  Oracle SQL Tuning
  • Professionals keen to master the art of  Oracle Tuning.
  • Expertise in Tuning is a differentiator on your Resume.

Oracle AWR Tutorial will answer below Questions:

  • Oracle OEM Training / Oracle Enterprise Manager Training  Course
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring Performance
  • Oracle OEM Monitoring
  • How to monitor database using oem
  • What are various Oracle Wait events?
  • Why and When a specific wait event occurs?
  • Oracle wait events and solutions/oracle wait events causes and resolutions
  • Oracle awr analysis
  • Oracle sql tuning with awr
  • How to create snapshots
  • How to create baselines
  • How to read ash reports
  • Performance Tuning With Oracle ASH and AWR
  • Oracle addm tutorial
  • addm vs awr
  • Difference between awr ash and addm reports
  • How to compare two AWR reports for different periods
  • Sql Tuning Advisor-STA Oracle Plan Stability
  • SQL Plan Management- SPM Oracle Base Lines

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