Oracle DBA Training

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Oracle DBA Training

Oracle DBA Training

  • Oracle DBA Training is important  because Database being down/unavailable, is unacceptable for any business entity
  • For each oracle database  required at least ONE oracle dba .
    • Based on the size , number of databases , number of application in a project either One /Group of Oracle DBAs will be working.
    • In crucial  production oracle database applications , team of DBAs will be working 24×7.
    • For Development /UAT environments  also DBAs will be working.
  • Oracle Database Administrator is involved in
    • Configuring and setting up the databases
    • Applying patches  (wrt Oracle Version / OS related patches)
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Performance Tuning etc.
    • Database Security
    • Capacity Planning for Current and future requirements.
    • Modifying Oracle database objects as per application developers needs
  • In some organizations these tasks are carried out by personnel called as Core Oracle DBA/Oracle Application DBA(s)

Oracle DBA Training /Course Eligibility

A flair for database design, working knowledge of  Oracle SQL


Recommended For

This course is best recommended  for those  who have some experience with database technologies and Oracle SQL.

Career Path

This Oracle DBA  Training shall help you in becoming a Oracle DBA.

Oracle DBA Training – Course Contents

  • Oracle DBA Introduction
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Installation of Oracle Database Software
  • Various init.ora Parameters
    • Control_Files
    • Redolog Files
    • Datafiles
  • Creating Tablespaces
  • Creating Schema Objects
    • Creating Tables
    • Creating Indexes
    • Views
    • Materialized Views
    • Global Temporary Tables
  • Users Creation
  • Creating Roles and Privileges
  • Assigning Roles and Privileges to Users
  • SQL * Loader (Data Loading)
  • Db Pump (Data Loading)
  • Export /Import (Older Version Feature)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Steps for Contacting Oracle Corporation for Technical support

And Many More …

Course Curriculum

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