• dbVidya means “Database Education” ( db – database, Vidya – Education)
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  • A group of like minded IT professionals came together to promote quality IT trainings.
  • We pride in providing customized training that suits the need of the aspirant.
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Dimensional Data Modeling Online  Training  & Oracle Performance Tuning Training Online

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Madhavi Batchu

Madhavi Batchu [ Database Architect ]

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Oracle SQL Tuning Training Online

SQL Tuning

  • Understand the factors which affect performance of database
  • Learn Indexes, Explain Plan Interpretation,Tkprof etc
  • Tips and Tricks to writing efficient code

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Dimensional Modeling Training

Dimensional Modeling

  • Basic building block of a data warehouse
  • Art of designing OLAP database objects
  • Creation of Logical/Physical Models

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ER-Modeling Training

ER Modeling 

  • Basic building block of an OLTP system
  • Art of designing database objects for high transaction systems
  • Creation of Logical/Physical Models

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Oracle DBA Tuning Training Online

Oracle Performance Tuning - DBA

  • Tuning Overall Databases performance
  • Memory Tuning
  • Understand ADDM ,AWR , ASH wrt Tuning Aspect

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Oracle Performance Tuning



Oracle Performance Tuning
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DB Vidya is a technology-driven firm. It is dedicated to providing Quality IT trainings and services worldwide. In this era of information technology where change is constant, DB Vidya, has carved a niche for itself by providing quality training by making use of the latest developments in technology.

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