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About  Oracle PL SQL Training Course

  • Using PL/SQL you can break complex problems into easily manageable
    subprograms, which can be reused in many other applications
  • Programming Language from oracle for developing stored database objects like Packages,Procedures,Functions and Triggers
  • Procedural Language – PL/SQL has all the capabilities of a programming Language coupled with the ability to interact with database objects
  • Our  PL SQL Training module helps you to master this programming language


Oracle SQL

Recommended For

Those involved in  Oracle Database Development

  • Oracle SQL Professionals
  • Oracle ETL Professionals
  • Oracle Reporting Developers
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Professionals who deal with Table data Often .

Career Path

This  Oracle PL SQL  Training shall make an individual easily adapt to procedural languages available in other DBMS systems.

Importance of Oracle PL/SQL

Most of the time people tend to write Oracle Queries  with lot of Joins (inner joins, outer joins etc), using multiple tables, subqueries , correlated queries .

Some times the above way writing queries will lead to Oracle  Performance   Tuning issues. Some times , when you cannot tune a query , the last option is converting into PL/SQL Code.

Once business logic is in PL/SQL code , lot of tuning features can be incorporated.

Also code re-usability is achieved, which also leads to optimal oracle database memory usage.

Using PL/SQL , it is easy to handle different business scenarios using “Conditional Statements”.

Oracle PL SQL Course Content

  • PL/SQL Introduction
  • Declaring Variables and Constants
  • PL/SQL Data Types
  • Writing Executable Statements
  • Writing Control Structures
    • For Loop
    • While Loop
  • Implicit Cursor
  • Explicit Cursor
  • Cursor Variables
  • REF Cursor
  • %ROWTYPE Attribute
  • %TYPE Attribute
  • Oracle Procedures
  • Oracle Functions
  • Triggers
  • Oracle Packages DBMS_OUT , DBMS_SQL etc
  • Oracle Build in Exceptions
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Debugging methods


Course Curriculum

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