Oracle Sql Tuning Training Online

One aspect of Oracle Performance Tuning Training   is  Oracle SQL Tuning Training.

This is intended for Oracle Developers/Oracle Professionals who write

  • Oracle SQL Queries
  • Oracle Procedures/Packages
  • Oracle Scripts

Importance of Oracle SQL Tuning Training

Oracle database is used by major clients for their applications all over the world.

Oracle SQL Tuning Training








Once application is using oracle database , oracle performance Tuning skill is required for optimizing the oracle sql queries/ Oracle PL/sql procedures/packages/functions etc.

Oracle Sql Tuning Training  Online – Out Come

  • Live Sessions will be given by Oracle SQL Tuning Trainer .
  • One can tune oracle sql   by understanding explain  Plan and fix the steps which are causing performance of oracle sql/Query.
  • This also cover Oracle Tuning tool Tkprof , which is used for Oracle  procedure /Package tuning
  • Covers “when” and “How” factors of Oracle SQL Tuning. ( i.e When some oracle sql tuning issues happens how to fix )
  • For  “what”,”why”, “when”,”how”  factors of oracle sql tuning  training  which is advanced Oracle performance Tuning for Developers , please refer below link.
About Course..
  • Oracle SQL Tuning is the process of identifying bottlenecks and improving the performance of the SQL’s
  • This course will make you learn the art of writing optimized SQL’s, thereby giving better performance
  • Included in the course are modules which shall introduce you topics like Writing Efficient SQL’s, Explain Plan, Oracle Query Hints
Course Eligibility..
Experience in SQL, PL/SQL development.
Recommended For
Developer’s keen to master the art of Tuning.
Career Path
Experience in tuning makes you a better developer
DEMO video of Oracle SQL Tuning Training Online(pre-recorded)
SQL Tuning Online Training

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    Check out -> Oracle 11g performance tuning VIDEO Tutorial Training Details

    Course Curriculum

    SQL Tuning -Beginners
    Introduction to Performance Tuning in Oracle 00:00:00
    Writing Efficient SQLs 00:00:00
    Re-writing SQL queries 00:00:00
    Interpreting EXPLAIN PLAN Output 00:00:00
    Understanding various JOINs wrt Performance Tuning 00:00:00
    Using HINTS to improve SQL Performance 00:00:00
    Download SQL-Tuning course contents

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