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Role of DBA
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Role of Database Administrator

Database Administrators commonly referred to as DBA, is a person or a group of people who make strategy decisions regarding the data of an enterprise or a database. Role of database administrator is very important .

Role of Database Administrator

Since a database could be very vast and can accommodate various users, so one person can’t control all the activities of the database, so in that case, a group of DBAs are required who will share all the responsibilities and work in coordination.

The Roles and Responsibilities of DBAs are as follows:

  • Installation and Configuration and upgradation of the Oracle server.
  • Capacity Planning
  • Creation of Database objects (Tables, Views, Procedures ,Packages etc)
  • Creation of Data Security Activities (creation of Users,Roles, Privileges etc)
  • Define Backup and Recovery procedures and scripts.
  • Monitor Oracle Database Performance issues and take appropriate actions.
  • Monitor disk space issues
  • Troubleshooting in case of any problems, a DBA needs to quickly understand and respond to problems when they occur.
    • Contact the Oracle Corporation if they need any help regarding technical support.
  • Review and evaluate the software, hardware, service delivery, and updates when required.
    • Applying Oracle Patches
  • Provide technical support to application development teams usually the help desk
  • Maintain proper documentation on oracle database maintenance procedures for future usage.
  • Protection of the database files from loss or Corruption.
  • Responsible for Data Loading activities.

Role of DBA

As part of “Role of DBA” , many activities are discussed.

In a given project not all are performed by single DBA.

Based on the amount of work , activities are assigned to each DBA.

For Example , in a development project , all development dba activities like

  • Setup of development database environment
  • Helping development team in creating object, test tables , test data etc
  • Granting Roles and Privileges to development team
  • Setting up UAT Environment (User Acceptance Testing Environment)
  • Test Data Loading in Development and UAT Environment.
  • Coordinating with Production DBA for moving “Enhancement Code” to Production Environment.

Daily Roles of Oracle DBA:-

  • Check all instances are up
  • Make sure the database is available.
  • Log into each instance and run daily reports or Test Scripts.
  • Some Projects have automation for such activities / Oracle Enterprise Manager /Third Party Tools
  • Check for
    • New recent alert log entries
    • ORA – Errors
  • Check Validity of backups
  • Validate Archive Log Files
  • Ensure enough resources are available for acceptable performance of Database.
    • Ensure enough free mb/Gb in tablespaces
  • For every database instance, check enough free space exists in each tablespace to handle the day’s expected growth.
  • Check for Invalid Objects ( Example Invalid Indexes, Invalid Packages , Procedures etc)
  • Monitor contention for
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Network or
    • Disk resources
  • Enhance knowledge by reading Oracle DBA manuals for one hour


  • The Oracle DBA must have good communication skills to work with the development team and other team members.
  • DBA should know all the basics   and should have a good understanding of the database.
  • Then DBA can perform his role of database administrator.


June 30, 2018

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