Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions Developers DBA

Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions

Why do you need to know oracle performance tuning interview questions?

oracle performance tuning interview questionsOracle database is used by many companies all over the world.
Oracle performance tuning skill plays very important role in Oracle Database Applications.


This skill “Oracle Performance Tuning ” is required for Oracle DBAs/Oracle Developers/ETL Developer and Report Developers (who work with oracle SQLs) or any one who work with Oracle databases.

Now a days Companies are realizing importance of Proactive Tuning over Reactive Tuning.
So, “oracle performance tuning interview questions” are asked from 2+ years of experience Onwards.
Most of the time oracle “performance tuning interview questions” are “approach based” rather than “to the point answers”.

Oracle Developers/Oracle SQL Professionals -Performance Tuning Interview Questions

1. Tell me about various tuning issues you have worked upon and how did you fix those?
2. If one oracle sql query is executing in Toad/SQL Developer for more than an hour . How to know whether it is hanging OR running ?
3. You are given a Oracle procedure (600 Lines of Code) to tune , How do you tune ? what is your approach ?
4.  In which phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle ) does tuning activity will come?
5.  Who is responsible for Tuning in the project DBA/Developer ?
6.  “Full Table Scan ” always indicates poor performance of the query . Is this statement TRUE /FALSE?
7.  Given an explain plan for oracle sql query for tuning , What is your approach for improving its performance ?
8.  If two explain plans of one oracle query are given to you ,On what basis , you finalize the better explain plan?
9.  Which oracle tuning tools you have used?
10. Always Creating an index to the where condition columns in the query , will improve performance . do you agree with this statement?
11. What are different ways of “analyzing table statistics”?

Oracle DBAs – Performance Tuning Interview Questions

1. Database users complain database is slow , what is your approach to fix this performance issue?
2. Developer comes for your help saying one particular report is running slow , How do you address this issue?
3. One particular batch program yesterday it ran for longer time than usual. Today  batch run time is normal.
How do you find what might have caused performance issue on yesterday?
4. How do you find which sqls are consuming more resources ?
5. SQL Tuning Advisor gives some suggestions to create more indexes on a table , will you follow the suggestions, justify?
6. Tell us few wait events which you have come across wrt tuning issues?
7. How to you analyze/interpret AWR Report for Solving Tuning issues?
8. What is the difference between ASH and AWR Report?
9. How do you use Oracle Enterprise manager for solving Tuning Purpose?
10.What are Oracle “Hit Ratios” , in what way they are useful in tuning database?

How to become expert in Oracle Tuning ?

Oracle Performance Tuning Training – For DBAs  
Pre-Recorded video based Tuning Training 
June 11, 2018

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